Food Safety and Quality Center

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PROJECT BENEFICIARY: Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health

PROJECT PARTNER: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture


GRANT VALUE:  61,303,629.00 HRK

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: 1. 10. 2018 – 1. 10. 2022


1. Reconstruction of the existing building (Building B), where the Food Safety and Quality Center will be located, as well as extension and reconstruction of the connecting corridor (ABC) with the main office building, energy efficiency elements included;

2. Equipping the Food Safety and Quality Center with new and sophisticated research equipment and laboratory and office furniture that will be placed in two locations, at Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health and the Laboratory for Sensory Properties of Agricultural food products at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb;

3. Procuration of ICT equipment will help to provide a safe storage for databases and research results and establish a connection with other scientific research institutions and databases related to food safety in the EU and beyond (e-Infrastructure). A new multimedia presentation and dissemination system will enable the distribution and management of audiovisual content (live, on demand). The system will primarily enable the recording of professional conferences, lectures, round tables, etc., as well as live streaming or distribution on demand;

4. Implementation of organizational reform by improving the workplace organization, standardization of work, addressing management and efficiency challenges to reach the concentration of IRI equipment and infrastructure and create a more effective scientific research system;

5. Collecting samples of soil, water, honey, olive oil, cheese, meat and other products in order to determine the isotope ratio of characteristic elements, determination of sensory properties, determination of the connection between sensory properties of products and technological processes, environmental factors, preferences and socio-demographic indicators of consumers, implementation of scientific research, creating an isotope map of characteristic elements found in Croatia, which will be used as a basis for further research in the area of ​​food production, food safety and quality (after project completion);

6. Promotion of the new IR infrastructure and Food Safety and Quality Center to the target groups, scientific research community and the public in Croatia and abroad through project elements of communication and visibility.

THE GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project is to contribute to the advancement of scientific and research infrastructure through the strengthening of research capacities open to innovation to improve the quality and availability of research as a support to strengthening the competitiveness of Croatian economy and social development.


  1. Strengthen the scientific and research capacities, focused on scientific excellence, of the Institute of the Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health and the Faculty of Agriculture of Zagreb through construction, equipping and implementation of organizational reform to improve the quality, scope and relevance of research activities in the field of food safety and quality.

  2. Ensure that the Food Safety and Quality Center becomes a regional scientific-research platform that will attract scientists, implementing new scientific-research projects, increasing the number of researchers working on improved IRI infrastructure, improving Beneficiary and Partner teaching activities, increasing the number of scientific research papers.

The PROJECT RESULTS will be a functional Food Safety and Quality Center that will modernize research infrastructure and increase the basis for optimal use of scientific resources (human resources and equipment through implementation of the organizational reform) and contribute to the global knowledge base; an increase in  the number of scientific papers describing the original research results in scientific journals indexed on the Web of Science platform; direct and indirect contribution to creation of new jobs; contribution to improving the quality of life of European Union citizens. In the long run, the project will contribute to economic development through knowledge-based strengthening of the competitiveness of Croatian food producers.