Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health was founded in 1949 as Public Hygiene Institute, a professional and research institution covering all issues in the field of hygiene and preventive medicine.

In 1961, the Zagreb City Council issued an official order on establishing the Zagreb Healthcare Institute, thus promoting the Public Hygiene Institute into an independent healthcare institution organized on the workers' self-management principles. As stated in the order, the main task of the Institute was to organize and perform preventive healthcare service, to upgrade public hygiene, to study problems related to community, industry and food hygiene; to coordinate work of healthcare institutions in the City of Zagreb for efficient public healthcare measures and actions; to provide professional assistance in performing preventive measures and methodological instructions to healthcare institutions; to study and prevent infectious diseases and epidemics, as well as diseases associated with poor hygiene; to study problems encountered in maternal, infant, preschool children, schoolchildren and adolescence healthcare; to study problems of social diseases; to organize and actively participate in health education of the population at large, including collection, processing and analysis of health statistical data.

The Zagreb Healthcare Institute was renamed into the City of Zagreb Institute of Public Health in 1994, into Dr Andrija Stampar Institute of Public Health in 2008, and into Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health in 2014.