Socially responsible management


The principle of care for the community has been deeply rooted in our activities. Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health has invested all efforts to improve the quality of community life at both local and national levels.

Led by the principles of social responsibility, the Institute activities have been based primarily on transparency, communication and dialogue with interest groups, while paying due attention to education of Institute employees, technological development, and environmental protection in particular. This mode of management has proved crucial for further Institute growth and work, prosperity and proper balancing of the business-economic objectives, to the benefit of the community at large. 

In line with these principles, the Institute tends to be a "good neighbor" and "true partner", as manifested by consideration paid to the community, primarily the City of Zagreb and beyond. Offering assistance in the implementation and financing of the community useful projects, either those launched by civil societies or major humanitarian events, is one of the ways to build a business-friendly relationship with the community, since the community support is of utmost importance to achieve the preset objectives successfully. 

Activities in the segment of Socially Responsible Management are directed toward the following four main groups:

  • society and community;

  • individuals;

  • employees

  • and environment.